Who am I really?

This is the question where my journey began. Who am I really, and what am I here to do? At the time I started asking this question, I may have looked happy on the outside, but inside I was lost, confused, and desperately seeking answers. I knew I was destined for more - I felt a fire burning in my belly that I knew had to be stoked. That's when I got serious with prayer, spiritual practices, and fierce soul searching. With consistency, persistence, (& patience) I started to receive the answers I sought. Through that time, I learned to hold on to hope, and my faith was massively strengthened. That was once a very painful and trying experience, yet now I see how necessary it was in my journey and my growth. 

I am now deeply connected to my purpose as a Holistic Healer. I am more committed than ever to personal development, continuously and consciously investing in new courses, education, and resources that will propel me forward and empower me to teach others to transform their lives - mind, body,& soul. 



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